a poem

I love sitting beside you when
You start snuggling into the fabrics of dream,
And look in your eyes still.
The closing magic windows of the shrine
Your soul dwells fold like
Spaces between petals of China rose.
Like a room whose light are put
Out slowly, your face is silent.
And do you know at least the half
Of what you look like
When your eyes are closed, hair
Finely lying on the pillow,
And a man watching you sleep?
What stars flicker in the
Still universe of your closed eyes, my sleeping lady?
What sweet dreams of
Delight and sweet love
Surge like waves in the oceans of your womanhood?
Like the gentle breeze of autumn,
Laden with lusty ripeness,
Your sweet breathe moves your chest
Low and high:
Oh angel! What unknown sweetness
Like nectar lay still in your still orbs?